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Dostignite by Agent36496
"Reach... for the hand held high through life
For the dancer to arrive
And catch me before I fall
Reach... for the friend who ever cared
For someone whoever dared
And catch me when I fall..."

Christmas is in 007 days. I went through four practice runs before finalising. Drawn on the evening of 18 Dec 2014. Drawn with a pencil and then black-lined with a pen. Coloured with pencil crayons, markers, and cheap oil pastels. I was listening to Avril Lavigne 2013. This took me 51 minutes, start-to-finish.

When getting the concept of this, I sort of reminded myself of the lyrics of the demo version of Nightwish's "Amaranth", which was sung by Marco. I have a story behind this:
A beautiful black werewolf is sent something. She looks to her paw to find an orb of an aura foreign to her. Significantly younger than her, this wolf is a pup by comparison to her, and it was his aura he showed her. So, she looks up at the night sky, wondering where the aura originated.
This is my way of saying I want to know my friend's real face and real voice. That friend is AnsticeWolf. This is for her. The drawing is of her werewolf persona. I think she's like a sister to me. I love you, Anastasia.

Рождество 007 дней. Я прошел через четыре практике выполняется до завершения. Обращено на вечер 18 декабря 2014 года. Обращается с карандашом, а затем черный облицованная с ручкой. Цветной карандаш карандаши, маркеры, и дешевые Масляная пастель. Я слушал Аврил Лавин 2013. Это взял меня 51 минут, старт финиш.

При получении понятие это, я вроде напомнил себя песен демо-версии Nightwish в «Amaranth», которая была в исполнении Марко. У меня есть рассказ за этим:
Красивый черный оборотня отправляется что-то. Она смотрит ее лапу, чтобы найти шар ауру чуждо ей. Значительно моложе, чем ее, этот волк это щенок по сравнению с ней, и это было его аура, которую он показал ей. Таким образом она смотрит на ночное небо, интересно, где возникла ауру.
Это мой способ сказать, что я хочу знать истинное лицо моего друга и настоящий голос. Это для нее. Рисунок является ее персоной оборотень. Я думаю, что она, как сестра мне. Я люблю тебя, Анастасия.


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Alex Monkman
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The time has come that I post another critique of a video game. I already got closure on it last night, and now I decided not to wait to share my thoughts.

The game that I've been playing, was "Darksiders". I bought it at an EB games at a low price. There are quite a few reasons to put used games up for sale, but that's a whole different story. I know of the sequel, but I wanted to see what I was in for, playing the original.

Plot: the Horseman of Apocalypse, War, is summoned once the seals are broken and conflict breaks out between Heaven and Hell, which destroys the earth. War is accused by all for causing the conflict when he knows that he didn't cause it. As there was no proof that backed his perspective, he was stripped of his powers. He returns to the surface world, seeing it all in ruins and Hell won the war, and the Horseman was away for a century. He is backed up by a fellow demon known only as The Watcher, who also commands him. War only wants vengeance on those who brought upon his disgrace. So, he seeks out other demons that he's told are guards of the Tower. I don't understand it all. I know no roles of the demons or archangels.

Gameplay: pretty straight-forward. It's type of play is hack-and-slash. You use large sword, along a purple scythe that you buy, and the Tremor Gauntlets that you later are given. You get a make a combo the sword and a secondary weapon. You are also given tools that are to help you solve puzzles, which seem unnecessarily complex. The large shuriken and the grappler are old-fashioned enough to go with the lore, but you are also given a handgun, which is a little far-fetched. These tools are not as strong as your weapons but can slow the enemies down and give you an edge. There's a take on a portal gun, which doesn't work everywhere.
War also has horse, to be true to the title of Horseman. You can summon and banish him, depending on the terrain. He dashes, but doesn't jump. To make enemies easier to kill, you have the "Wrath abilities". You need to be careful how much you use, which is sort of predictable.
The enemies seem consistent with their shapes, but not with colour patterns, showing that they either have different abilities or take longer to kill. The combat also features the custom of pressing a single prompted to easily finish off the enemies. It comes in handy when you lose your patience, but the overtime, the combat becomes stale.
To recharge and increase maximum health and wrath, War happens to collect souls, which also serve as currency. They have a colour code to tell you what you get. The currency souls are used to buy and upgrade moves and abilities from a merchant, who also happens to be a demon. That demon also serves to take you to other areas with what he calls Serpent Holes, sort of like the Skyhook in "Batman: Arkham Origins", when you want to go right to where you want to go instead of just walking for hours.
Furthermore, with the enemies, they seem to come up endlessly wherever you go, and need to slay them all to proceed, which gets annoying overtime. The most annoying enemy, I would say, is this ghostly woman with two swords that becomes intangible intermittently, making her very hard to attack. You can try to keep your distance and time with your Crossblade, but that would take too long. There are always too many enemies, even on easy. If you pick up a fallen enemy's cannon-like firearm, you're untouchable.

The graphics are good, and they always give off the right elements, like the pattern of the lava and fire, and much detail is put into War's armour. The environment is pretty open. So, you never know what you might find. What makes no sense, though, is you only lose a piece of health when falling into lava or an abyss. Much detail is put into the weapons as well. The paths seem more complex than they should be, like when scaling broken supports. One way to travel is a train car on some kind of demon growth. Getting over gaps becomes no problem, depending if you can reach the other sides before War's shadow wings automatically dissipate. You are given updrafts, but not everywhere. There are always puzzles with how to proceed to your destination, which take fairly long to figure out.

As for the cast, the only one that stands out to me, is Mark Hamill in his Joker voice, which is the voice for The Watcher. It may not have been right for the role. When you hear the Joker, you sort of expect that character to be like the Joker. That wasn't really the case here. The Watcher can be a bit of a pest and he's not much help when you summon him. He just wants War to do what is ordered.
That brings me to the point of plot again. There is not much character development. War only wants vengeance, but he does grasp the concept of honour, and so does the angel who leads a force, Uriel. She is an enemy of his, but their fight is not with each other. It was an outrage the twist with the one called Abaddon, and the creature that called itself The Destroyer. The four demons War is assigned to steal their hearts from, are all female. I may have the right to call them the B-word, finding them very stubborn, but in the end they were just leverage for a deal that War makes with fellow demon Samael. Again, I don't understand their roles. I'm just giving my opinion.

I guess I covered it all now. I find that the player would love the goodies that they find in an open environment, and the game may be a good way to vent anger if one likes to see violence. However, the player would pick at combat that becomes boring, wave-after-wave of enemies, long yet undeveloped plot, and I am given to understand that they copy from other games. I only know that it sort of resembles "God of War".
On a scale of 1-100, I rate THQ and Vigil's "Darksiders" 51.
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