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Two cloaked figures had travelled a great distance for the one place where they knew that they could find hope. Things had grown significantly worse with each passing day. The rule and command of only one mind, only one famous lord, had gone on for precisely a century. Knowing of the intentions from that mind, a century too long. These cloaked men continued searching long and hard, appearing to wander lost in the city where they had finally stopped. However, there was still energy in one of them, and was desperate to find what they had been searching for.
What the cloaked men searched for, was their assumption of the origin of the way that they always followed. The city was lit, but rather poorly. They were used to going out at night, which it was, and their robes were a black as the night sky, when there were no stars or moon to be seen. There was nothing to guide them, but they needed no guide. It was the faint sound in their minds that would give them that for which they searched. It had been known long enough for it to be pushed inside the head. Now that the two figures concealed by their robes had reached this city, the sound had grown louder. The call was something to be obeyed. The time had come to prove their loyalty to the one whose family had been followed by theirs.
The age of these two figures was easily determined by how they moved. One was quite young, as he strode. The other was very old, for he swayed with each step he took. Knowing of the location in which the source was, remained difficult to determine, but being young, his hearing remained immense. As they were well-adjusted to travelling in darkness, their hearing further developed. Thanks to that, they could mind their surroundings more effectively. Furthermore, the city had been living in fear since that fateful day. Entering a city that they found forsaken, was tactically dangerous, but this was very important. Risks were meant to be taken. If not, the condition of society was to worsen.
The two wandered for hours. It was the right place, but they could not get the precise point of the source. The younger man had to stop occasionally, so the older man could catch up with him. By the time the sound started to become significantly louder, the younger one was eager to approach the location. Like the common way of navigation when searching for an objective, the younger man went straight to what called to him in his mind, and cut around the houses that were separate. Of course, he had to still stop every now and then so the older one could catch up with him.
What appeared to be a block was circled, until the two men realised that it was really the famous palace. So, they found their way inside the palace. It was still there, the sound. It was very confusing, how a loud sound could come to them. However, they quickly found out why the sound was coming from their location. It was far beneath. They needed to get beneath the ground, beneath even the cellars. Suddenly the older man found as much energy as the younger man had. Somehow he became as eager to officially answer the call deep in his mind.
Finally below the levels of the palace significant to the city, the two cloaked men could not believe their eyes, In fact, the light that was emitted in the darkness, was very close to blinding them. They had to turn away and raise their arms to cover their faces before they could start to adjust their sights. Standing in what may have been the middle, was that for which they had spent so long searching. They had gone to nearly the centre line of the world to heed this call.
As the light bright as the sun broke the darkness, the older man broke the silence, speaking in his hoarse voice, “We are here.”


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Alex Monkman
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Ontario, Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: N/A
Favourite genre of music: Rock of any kind
Favourite photographer: Thelma Aterno (Ariel87), Mads Bjerre Henriksen, Petra Allerlei and Tereza Hola
Favourite style of art: Dark, fantasy, and emotional
Favourite cartoon character: Simba, Soren, Spyro, Cloud, Kiba, Kaiba Seto, Maka Albarn
Personal Quote: If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish almost anything.
Now that I have completed my fanfiction trilogy of "Guardians of Ga' Hoole", revolving around a character of my own, the time has come that I give my short mental cast list, and a playlist.

-Ezio: Yours truly, with an English accent
-Sarino: Jackie Earle Haley
-Joss (Joselyn): Joss Stone
-Aura: Eva Green
-Magnus: Ian McKellen

As for the playlist, it's a long story. I would sing the same song whenever I prepared to read "The War of the Ember", and I conjured this idea that I would search for a single song that I think would be right for each book, including "Wolves of The Beyond" and my fanfictions. Here is my playlist.

The Capture: Rebecca Kneubuhl's "This Broken Soul"
The Journey: Utada Hikaru's "Sanctuary"
The Rescue: Within Temptation's "Fire and Ice"
The Siege: Tarja Turunen's "In for a Kill"
The Shattering: Nightwish's "Scaretale"
The Burning: Joss Stone's "I'll Take it All"
The Hatchling: Evanescence's "Everybody's Fool"
The Outcast: Garbage's "The World is Not Enough"
The First Collier: Train's "Ordinary"
The Coming of Hoole: My Chemical Romance's "Bulletproof Heart"
To Be a King: Epica's "Martyr of the Free Word"
The Golden Tree: Skillet's "Rebirthing"
The River of Wind: Nightwish's "Dark Chest of Wonders"
Exile: Evanescence's "Never Go Back"
The War of the Ember: Nightwish's "Amaranth"

Lone Wolf: Dead by April's "Where I Belong"
Shadow Wolf: Nightwish's "She is my Sin"
Watch Wolf: Skillet's "The Last Night"
Frost Wolf: Anastacia's "Left Outside Alone"
Spirit Wolf: Dead by April's "Unhateable"
Star Wolf: Rebecca Kneubuhl and Gabriel Mann's "Guide You Home (I Would Die For You)"

Life of Ezio: Nightwish's "Wishmaster"
Lacrimation of Ezio: Nightwish's "Forever Yours"
Legacy of Ezio: Nightwish's "Feel For You"

I know where to go from here, now that I have finished what I wanted to, and that is to come here soon. 'Til then. :iconseeyaplz:
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