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Whilst I'm focused on a bit of nostalgia, there is something I really wanted to do, right after completing something wonderful.

Pictures are literally brought to life in Capcom-distributed "Okami". Because of what that Japanese word means, it's considered a play-on. Originally, the video game was released in 2006, working only for the second PlayStation. However, with the success of motion gaming at the time, it was by popular demand that a version for the original Nintendo Wii was developed, that version being distributed in '08. The video game has been on WatchMojo's lists, named: #8 of Capcom games; #6 of their ten Cult Classis video games; #7 of overlooked 6th-generation video games; and their #1 on Cel-shaded video games, while the protagonist has been named #8 of video-game Animal Heroes.

Much to say on the story. It's sort of like a novel. I've watched the walkthrough of "Final Fantasy VII" along with its spin-offs, and played 2014's "Thief". Given the main and side missions, those make for very long video games. This game is based heavily on Japanese religion and mythology. By searching the names of characters, it is known their roles in the game and the lore. The Japanese sun god embodied as a white wolf, is portrayed with an unclear gender (deliberately) and is next to silent. She does bark and howl. She finds a partner a bug-sized traveler named Issun.
The story is the kind that gets straight to the point as the god Amaterasu is beckoned to a village and informed of the need for her to eliminate monsters that overrun the land. As the player progresses, more and more is learned about the characters and the atmosphere. With each skill learned, more areas can be explored. I must complain about the change in attitude of the characters, mainly Issun. There are sensitive subjects followed by some kind of wise-cracking jokes. He can be serious, but then he tries to be funny. Every character is also connected in a way. I found that there were confusing sub-plots, but these side-tasks are connected to the main plot and then the progression of the story. There is a mix of sensitive issues and what I would consider slapstick, like with the turnip field in the first village you explore. Because of how Issun gets along with Amaterasu, they're sort of like a married couple. He does give guidance, but he also behaves like a nuisance.
There was one character who seemed hateable: the prophet Waka. He was judged to be an enemy for his intentions and that he seemed to be planning to lure Amaterasu into a trap. However, once you learn the biggest thing about him after that about Issun, you try to see from his perspective.
Like a great novel, this game has many twists and turns (and recently I finished reading an epic installment of Knaak's original series) about characters. For starters, I was surprised to find that Orochi was just the beginning. That leads to other environments to look around. With much thought put into the minor characters, they have larger roles than assumed. You never know who's an enemy and who's a friend until they give the tip. Despite being the silent type and seeming to have a blank expression, Amaterasu does have feelings. Think on that.

The game would be in the genres action and adventure, for the explorations and fighting monsters. True to the title and the character, you can play god, using the Celestial Brush to tear enemies down, to restore life, and to travel. The powers that Amaterasu gains, are also used for puzzles and obstacles. However, controls are difficult at first, mainly in the use of the brush.  The part when making the old man's dance seem to make the Konohana flourish, made having a single tree bloom look like child's play. There is time to navigate the areas. I didn't know it then because I didn't know the game then, but my story "The World of Imaginaerum" resembles this major part, what you make of the Celestial Brush. You just need to watch how much ink is used in a short time. The combat system seemed limited, knowing that there seemed to be only one command. The prompts for attacks need to be timed well, especially with the weapons that you use. As if in an RPG, the choice is yours, what weapon is used. The one best suited for fighting enemies, is up to the player. The difference that the types make, is significant.
The difference goes to the enemies as well. They all have their own strengths, but they also have their weaknesses. Once the weaknesses are exploited, they become easy to slay. There are only certain points when a select few are actually vulnerable to damage, giving the necessary difficulty. The rewards after completing a fight make you want to be better at the combat.
Information is appreciated in any game, and this one gives you much. With how to progress, each character offers a hint, be it from the bone reader or an everyday villager. The map is also helpful when wanting to know what areas haven't been searched. It may be awkward that Amaterasu carries money and whatever is found in chests, but then again a god could carry anything.
Upgrades make for a necessity in the progression. By gaining praise from making a tree flourish, feeding animals, and doing good deed, you have a chance to increase maximum health, amount of ink, and an Astral Pouch, which is to save you from dying when it's full. This is all appropriate as belief in a god makes them stronger. Such is shown a certain emotional cutscene.

Now the graphics are something to behold. It was all inspired by Japanese watercolour paintings. Though resembling that, I think of it like reading a manga. In fact, the style is considered cel-shading, which is the style of any comic book or graphic novel. The introduction when you start the game, gets right to that theme, for we see a brush making the pattern of settlements. That picture then makes a transition like turning the page of a manga, which is read from right to left. Sort of like anime, Japanese symbols pop up when you take an action or damage and when an enemy is introduced. There is also a Japanese character on a light orb, representing each skill that you obtain.
Mind also the music. The musical soundtrack of the game follows traditional Japanese style as well. Next to all of the soundtrack consists of the instruments: the koto (13-string board-like harp), the shamisen (3-string guitar), the shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and wooden fish. While the music is rather repetitive, it is definitely something to remember.

It is in my opinion, the player will hate: the unexpected changes in characters' attitude; the difficulty in finding objectives without markers. However, the player will love: being creative in the use of the character's brush; well-developed characters and story; diversity among all characters, even the enemies; wonderful music; and awe-inspiring graphics. It's a shame that the game didn't sell well, making it underrated. On a scale of 1 to 100, I rate this game 95.
I also  wanted to do a feature. Enjoy my selection.

Amaterasu by xAurakinAmaterasu - Okami by Merinid-DEAmaterasu by NightabsolAmaterasu by NoreyDragonAmaterasu by TigresaDainaAmaterasu by FenrienneOkami Amaterasu by lycanthropefulMagic Amaterasu by TheMysticWolfOkami Amaterasu by CanvascopeOkami : Amaterasu by SheltieWolfOKAMI Shiranui by ArthasElricWatchful Eye Of The Sun Photoshopped by MegBeth
Plus a harmless self-promotion
Natural LoveGreat god of what I wish to see
Comes to me
'Tis always there
With all aware
I stand before a great tree
Filled with specks that flee
Only to spread its aura
Remaining above the forest floor
A speck lands in my palm
Where 'twould rest calm
Given a colour by Mother Earth
To ever have dread averted
Ev'ry leaf from the flowers
Is never ashamed enough to cower
Ev'ry one with colour and no flaw
A form so raw
In perfect shape
Like a perfect body
Bearing a tempting colour
Like ever-clean skin
And the tree like the mother
Of ev'ry perfect lady
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