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Naiad's Mystery
"What lies beneath,
Beyond the ocean's door
Tranquil is the kiss
Of the azure
Rising deep,
Sleeping ever more
Naiad's mystery,
What lies beneath..."
I have Tarja Turunen's song "Naiad" stuck in my head. It is rather enchanting, that song. I brought this image from the lyrics. I tried something new. I wanted to get a water pattern, but it really does have you wondering. The hard part was getting a shot. That was a pain in the arse.
Drawn on the afternoon of 20 Nov., 2014, I made no lines, and merely coloured with pencil crayons and a marker. I was listening to Evanescence 2011. I took around 40 minutes, start-to-finish.
So tell me: what do you see?

With the use of the dark energy that the black dragon generated, the night was black as it was meant to be. He actually caused rain clouds for the night. He had spent much of his day eating. He felt close to the sorcerers now, and wanted to know that he could trust them perfectly. That was why, by the time the sky went completely dark, Ares showed what he was up to. Before the dragon, who sat with his paws folded, lay a pair of daggers. The sorcerers approached, sharing a curious expression. Even though Ares had told of his feelings, he was still unpredictable to them.
He abruptly asked, “What know you about a blood oath?”
Kamadai replied as he and his former apprentice approached, “I am familiar with it, but it is not a tradition among my clan.”
“But it is tradition among my clan and those of a couple others. This makes a good point.”
“So, that is what this is about?” Kuro spoke. “You want us to draw blood, but for what?”
Ares said, “I want to know that you will be on my side until the end. So, I want you to use these daggers to bleed for me, and swear your loyalty to me. For generations, the blood oath law has been, those that violate a blood oath must face execution. I would hate to kill you for such violation.”
Kuro was hesitant about this, awkward that this came up the second he and his beloved master entered the dimly torch-lit chapel. He needed to think about this. He understood why he and the grandmaster were ordered to do this. Slowly, he approached the dragon, and knelt down to pick up one of the daggers. He was not shaking; he kept a firm grip. His perpetually-narrow eyes looked up to the monstrous blazing-red reptilian eyes, and looked down at the dagger, which was clearly new. However, before he could use it to slit the palm of his hand, the dragon spoke, “Wait.” Kuro looked up again, showing confusion. Ares added, “I think your master should do it first.”
Kuro lowered the knife and stepped aside, so Kamadai could approach and pick up the other dagger. While watching, Kuro asked, “Where did you get these daggers, may I ask?”
Ares replied, “Whilst I have been familiarising with the environment, I found what I thought was a blacksmith shop. I did find weapons inside, and the firearms really have changed. Daggers like these were rather scarce.”
Kamadai stated, “Sometimes the old ways are best.” He then showed that he was ready. Ares nodded and the elder sorcerer slit across the palm of his hand. He had to find a point to stop, to limit the bleeding when the skin broke. He then held his hand out. The dragon used his paw to lift the elder sorcerer’s hand, and lowered his head until his snout was to almost touch the wrinkled skin.
Kamadai spoke, “I, Kamadai, Grandmaster of Kage Shinja, pledge my loyalty to Ares the black dragon. I give him all my trust, I vow to fight by his side, and am willing to die for him.” With that, the dragon ran his forked tongue along the wrinkled hand, over the slit. Though he tasted the blood, he knew that he would not harm the elder sorcerer.
Ares let go of Kamadai’s hand, almost immediately, Kuro slit his own hand and held it out. Ares wasn’t even ready, and had to hurry before making the sorcerer lose too much blood. He held Kuro’s hand, and let him speak. “I, Kuro of the Kage Shinja clan, promise with my heart and soul, to serve and trust the great dragon Ares, and to hold out for him until the end.”
Calm enough to know that he had the sorcerer’s word, he licked the slit on Kuro’s hand and let go of it. Ares waited for them to bind the slits in their hands with the gauze that he also brought from his trip. He then spoke, “You will need to make this night of your rest count. We have a trip for tomorrow.”
“We?” It was Kuro who asked that.
“I will need you both”, Ares said. “I doubt I can fight alone, should I find trouble. We will be departing for the east. The first old friend of mine that I want to find, is in Russia. There is something I trusted him for, and I granted him and his clan safe passage through my… former territory of the United Kingdom. I just hope that we can renew our truce.”
“How many old friends that are dragons did you have?” Kamadai asked that.
Ares answered, “Just two.” He narrowed his eyes and his tone became grim when he added, “With the other, there is sure to be drama between you two and his clan, if they are still active. I would hate to risk myself over a dispute between the Asian countries.”
Kuro said awkwardly, “Y-you don’t mean-“
Ares cut him off, saying, “Oh, I do. I bonded with him over the years of knowing him. We will have a hard time being subtle in his country, but we need to avoid making any kind of scene, or we will all be compromised.” Ares then changed his tone, stating, “I could tell more, but I recommend that you turn in soon. There is now much to do.” It was abrupt, but it was understood.

The day was rainy as it was the night before. How Ares loved the rain. Even more, it meant that he had the perfect cover. The sorcerers had their hoods raised, to keep their heads from getting wet. They already had their breakfast before they were to depart with Ares from the chapel. He explained, “Where I got to know my friend, was Russia. To be exact, the city is called St. Petersburg. When I knew him, his human followers resided at the Winter Palace, in the guise as servants. That is where I will begin the search for him. Again, I doubt that I will have the location right. I already know that the world has changed. Amazing what you miss when sleeping for a century.”
Kuro was the one to ask, “How do you propose we go with you?” He already had a guess on what Ares had in mind.
Ares replied, “It is obvious. The two of you will be carried on my back. I do have my bearings.”
Kuro said, “That is mad. You may have only just re-learned your flying ability, but I can see why. You wish to not know the risk if my Sensei and I teleported.”
“That is exactly why. If it is raining in Russia as much as it is here right now, we will be safe throughout the travel.”
Kamadai said in his low voice, “Best I go in front. My grip is not as good. Kuro can catch me if I happen to fall aside or backwards.” Ares got down, and Kuro helped his elder master climb up the dragon’s scaled hide, which was now slippery from the rain. Kuro only had to jump up so he could seat himself upon the dragon.
“Mind the chain”, Ares said. He had a chain around his neck. That way his acquaintances could hang on. It was nothing to him. It wasn’t strong enough to choke him. He heard the low sound of rattling of the metal links. When it stopped, Ares asked, “Ready?” The sorcerers affirmed.
With that, the black dragon stood up and spread his wings. The wings thrice flapped before the beast leapt from the stone surface. There was to be no problem with remaining airborne under the rain clouds. With each following flap, the black dragon elevated nearer to the sky. By comparison, the city of London looked smaller as he was to fly more of it. Ares was already taking the direction he was headed when far enough away from the chapel and then the entire Abbey itself.

The black dragon realised how much he missed flying, by the time he reached the sky and then the clouds. He closed his eyes when flying through one of the thick clouds that had gathered over the single day. Though very hard, he managed and opened his eyes as the icy mist came apart off of him. He felt freer than he ever felt in his life. He confined himself within a chapel for much of the days since he was released from the energy cage. He would have hated to see what else could keep him in close space. Another memory was brought back to him: the day he learned to fly. It was bound to bring joy to any young dragon. The current of the wind could feel so good running past that dragon. Ares, specifically, felt like anything was possible. When he flew about, he realised how large the world really was. That fuelled his curiosity. Fortunately, learning of his role in the balance of elemental energy, he learned about the other elemental clan, and where they preferred to reside and what their territories were like. Ares was not one who wanted to resort to dictatorship. He wanted to respect those of his clan, and do right by his country. Hopefully, what he had given the city, would let them know that the Dark Dragon returned.
The black dragon looked squarely ahead, focused on his goal. He only remembered that he would go in one direction without making a single curve in his pattern. Then, when seeing a pattern that was nowhere near the same as the city where he departed, he would lower his altitude and search for something that would stand out to him. He merely guessed on how long he had flying. He couldn’t feel when his passengers were to fall off of him. That was why he had the chain. It wasn’t enough for him if the chain was tugged on. It was only there to ensure safety of those he carried while flying. The two sorcerers managed to maintain a firm grip despite the weather conditions. There was no problem for them during the trip.

Though Ares was in deep thoughts, he could determine how long he had been above the clouds. He hissed without looking back, “Brace yourselves.” The sorcerers did tug on the chain, which the dragon could not feel, as he dove down, and right through a cloud, and the icy mist disassembled more easily has he went down. The sorcerers were almost brought off of the dragon’s back, when he spread his wings again to pull up.
He could see that there was a pattern beyond his recognition. He needed some time to understand the layout. How could he do this without bringing any of the citizens the surprise of a dragon suddenly landing in the middle of their city? He had not given this enough thought. He simply glided above the land, hoping to find something familiar to him.
The elder sorcerer spoke up, “I can help you here, aibou.” He closed his eyes and felt his soul leave his body. This was something that many sorcerers could do.
Kuro stated, “He is scanning the environment with his telepathy.”
With his mind as if it expanded, he looked along the ground and saw several people minding their business and tending their regular schedules. He managed to hear what the people were saying in the random spot that he scanned. That was how he knew. The connection broke, and the elder sorcerer opened his perpetually-narrow black eyes. He stated, “I know their accents and language. We are in Russia.”
Ares went higher above, for less of a chance of being seen. He started to make circles in the air with his gliding. He would do this when he was to make up a quick plan. When he finally had one, he said, “I will need to find a spot to land. You two will need to find a place to get directions.”
Kamadai objected, “Knowledgeable as I am, the only other languages I know perfectly are Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Turkish.”
“Then we should connect with your telepathy. My friend taught me how to speak Russian. I can give a rough translation of what the civilians tell you.” The black dragon searched about again, hoping to find a decent place to land. He flew over the city until he found a castle, definitely not of the one he knew his friend to reside around. Thankfully there was grassland nearby. He loved being around grassland, being hatched in Scotland. As he descended to the roof he instructed, “Make sure that you maintain your telepathic connection to me. That way I can track you to the landmark that I know best. I have a hunch that we are nowhere near it.”
Kamadai said as Kuro helped him down, “Will do, Yami.”
The two sorcerers had no problem finding their ways down the castle. While waiting for his acquaintances to begin their task, Ares decided to ensure even less of a chance of raising suspicion. He breathed deeply and kept his eyes closed. He concentrated and in an instant, he generated countless tendrils of black energy. It was another gift that the Dark Dragon had. He had the tendrils surround his scaled body, making sure that there was no exposed spot. The tendrils became like a blanket, and he looked like ebony. Then suddenly, the dragon’s entire body seemed to disappear. He was still in that spot, but he was invisible to the naked eye. The trick of dark energy had evolved into more than just blending into darkness, and he could blend into any environment, in any pattern. Though it was not perfect camouflage, he was very hard to spot.

It was obvious to the people that the two sorcerers were from nowhere near St. Petersburg. Finding someone to follow, Kamadai established his telepathic connection with Ares. He could be found because he Ares before the dragon made himself seem to disappear. Kuro was the one to tap the first person they were following, on the shoulder. The man turned around. Ares, being connected to the elder sorcerer, thought how to ask the street they were on. Kamadai passed it on to his former apprentice, and Kuro spoke it. Through Kamadai’s connection, Ares listened carefully to what the Russian bystander replied. Having a hunch on where they were, Ares thought, “Go west.”
Getting the bearing on the directions, the sorcerers complied. The two were now wondering about the behaviour of those in the city. There was no need to wonder why they were to ask strangers where they would find the single landmark. However, the bad feeling came, when a while later, they got another stranger’s attention. Kamadai, given the message, said in Russian, “Can you point me to the Winter Palace?” The stranger reluctantly spoke a direction.
Ares thought, “Round the bend and keep going.” The sorcerers complied. They both knew the tone despite not knowing language. That man was awkward when giving them an answer. Ares gave his thought, “You should be nearing the place when taking the bridge to follow.”
It was a while before they found a small bridge, as there was a gap among the land, with the river flowing. After crossing that bridge, they asked a woman in a fur coat where they could find the landmark. This one was reluctant as well. She told slowly, with a nervous tone the directions. Ares told them to “take the next right, and then the left”. That was meant by the roads. Kuro was in a rush to see what awaited him, his master, and the dragon. Kamadai had to start running, so he could catch up with the young sorcerer. He was panting by the time he took both turns of the street and found Kuro in front of a very large building, waiting for the next step. The elder sorcerer sounded weary, but he was still willing to keep going.
Seeing what Kamadai was seeing, Ares thought, “You are there. The Winter Palace is part of that building. It is still home to the monarchs of Russia.”
Kamadai asked aloud, “How do we enter?”
Ares replied in their minds, “Going through the gates will not be easy. Their rules are very strict. Travellers are likely to remain untrustworthy to them. My friend was pretty adamant about his choices when I knew him. Stubborn buggers.”
Kuro said, showing his annoyance, “We are wasting our time by standing here. Can we not make up an excuse?”
“Be my guest, then. Go up to the guards and tell them you need to see the dragon within. If I am correct, he prefers the field of the palace.”
“A field beyond the wall?” Kuro asked.
Ares thought, “This is pointless now. Kamadai, keep your telepathic connection active, so I can come up. I have nothing to lose anymore. So, let us hope that the Ice Dragon will listen to me.”
Even the elder sorcerer didn’t agree with this idea. He paced with his feet seeming to not touch the ground, as his feet were covered by his robes. A while later, he tried asking in his mind, to Ares, “How do you say, ‘We need to see the dragon’, in Russian?”
There was no answer at all. The dragon was ignoring him. This was all wrong. The plan wasn’t given enough thought. The sorcerers needed something to proceed. All they wanted, was to see the dragon that resided in what the English speakers knew as the Winter Palace. As the two sorcerers had no choice but to wait for their new superior, a guard informed someone inside of the foreigners in black robes and leather, being in the same spot for at least ten minutes. Just as that guard and others were to approach them, they stopped in shock in what abruptly jumped down and landed right in front of him. They stood still, hesitant by the sight of a large, winged black reptile with menacing red eyes. The dragon lowered his head, to look directly at the guards. The dark sorcerers were hesitant as well from seeing him in the blink of an eye.
The black dragon said a simple question in Russian. The guards were speechless even now. With a little more aggression in his voice, Ares repeated the question. The guards looked at each other, and then at him, giving him a negative answer, which he knew. Getting to the point, he said in Russian, “I have come here to see Viktor Kirillovsky.”
The guards then looked at each other in confusion. Hoping to make things faster, Ares added, “I have been away from him for too long, and I care not if you have no recognition of me. Let me speak to him.”
Another man was called, and appearing to be head of the palace’s security, he stated in Russian, “I suppose the lord of ice would appreciate companionship of someone of his kind. He is in the field, as always.”
Ares responded in Russian, “Thank you. And please, let my friends here feel welcome.”
The guards bowed in respect and approached the cloaked outsiders. The dragon back away so he could flap his wings to get above the structure and enter the place from above. It was only seconds before he found himself in the field. It seemed coated in snow because of all the white. It was a wonder the tree had its leaves.

The black dragon said in Russian, “I have returned, Viktor. The last time I saw you, was too long ago. I am glad to know that you are very much alive.”
The form encircling the white tree, rose his head. The scales were blue, but next to white, covering the one patch of land. There were four horns, two on each side. Though they were hard to see, there were spines, also white, running along the chin and jawline, and also just below the snout. It was like a full beard. His eyes were bright silver. From the mouth of the white form, came “No illusion, I see”, said in Russian. He paused, waiting for a response, and then continued, “How I envy you.”
Seeing as how the white beast would still not speak English, Ares asked in his old friend’s language, “How so?”
Viktor answered in his language, “My clan is still alive, but scattered. Though we are as stealthy as you are, they fear of your opposite.”
“And yet, I am the one who needs help, Viktor.”
Now resorting to speaking English, the pale-blue beast said, “I comprehend, Comrade. One century has passed. You missed too much. This structure you see has been home to many figures of royalty. I myself have seen them live their lives within these walls. There are still followers of mine living here undercover as servants. I actually consulted for such.”
“How I miss that name: comrade”, Ares said contently. “I always enjoyed that accent of yours as well.” He really did. The accent that the pale-blue dragon always spoke with, sounded like a growl as he made words. To Ares, it was a reminder for the ice followers how beastly he truly was. Ares continued, “You always fascinated me. I have not forgotten how we met.”
(Viktor Kirillovsky was the first elemental dragon that the black dragon met. Ares wanted a challenge one day. Being the one to represent darkness, he could easily blend in with shadows. He worked hard on being silent as he conducted missions at night. Then, he wanted to see how he would do with avoiding sight in a place he would stand out. So, he went east, and found a very icy territory. At least, Ares found himself a challenge then. He chose not to use the camouflage technique that he already knew. He treaded along the ice that was land among the ever-frigid ocean. He believed that he needed to go slowly to avoid letting the ice break. He also wanted to adjust to fighting in the day, as he had lived through hunting in the dark. He was merely looking around when the pale-blue dragon found him. Ares felt the beast large as he was, lunge into him. He found himself pinned down. The black dragon heard something like growling speech, which he didn’t understand. He said, “I am alone.” That was easy to say. He was pinned by the forelegs. The pale-blue dragon let him go, and nodded as a sign that the black dragon could get up. As Ares stood, he said, “I have been searching for a formidable adversary. Perhaps you could be the definition of such. Show me what you can do.” The new face’s scales was so close to being white that he could blend into the snow and ice very well. The pale-blue dragon blew frigid air along with ice shards, and Ares instinctively blew his black fire, which created smoke, and then vapour. It was really a distraction, for his new opponent lunged toward him, and Ares quickly rolled out of the way. He looked around quickly, only to see that his opponent was then nowhere to be found. Believing that he could hear best in the dark, the black dragon closed his eyes, and breathed deeply. If his heart was to beat too fast, he couldn’t mind enough of his surroundings. There were no stacks or pillars to hide behind, but he knew that his opponent was trying to execute a surprise attack. All that needed to be done, was to keep enough distance and find the right time. As if Ares was the wind, he heard his opponent lunge and he turned to parry the strike, but the pale-blue dragon was fast enough to even avoid the counter strike. Ares then swung his left paw, and then his right, both swings being dodged. The pale-blue dragon pounded the ice ground and make ice spikes rise. The black dragon quickly leapt and flipped. He landed feet-first on his opponent’s back, making him fall. Ares quickly flipped backwards and pressed a paw against his opponent’s neck. He stated, “I expected more from you.” After pulling away, he suggested, “Perhaps we could spar with one another, and maybe learn each other’s skills. I go by Ares.”
The pale-blue dragon rose up, saying, “Viktor Kirillovsky.” Their bond began that day.)
“You know”, Viktor said, “I always thought same about you. And to think near opposites became friends.”
Ares hissed, “Hopefully we still are, assuming that you hate the Light dragon’s idea of purity. For all I know, Russia is most adjusted to cold weather. He carries warmth everywhere he goes.”
“Ah, enemy-of-my-enemy logic. I see no reason to argue with that.”
“First favour I must ask of you, is your aide in the tradition that I always held. In case you did not hear, I have new friends, and they swore to help me rebuild. Even though I made them take a blood oath, I want to make sure that they stay on the path they take.”
Viktor instantly knew what the black dragon was getting at. “Da, I remember that, as well. Are you sure that you would do this, after just waking up?” Then, he remembered how adamant Ares was about his choices, just like Viktor was. Without waiting for a response, he said, “I shall do it.”
“That is all I ask.”
“Are you sure, Ares?” Even Viktor knew that the black dragon needed almost everything.
“Viktor, you are an ice dragon. You have ice wizards. I want to respect their choices.” He made a judgment call. “What I expect is that you help me rebuild my clan, not let me take from yours.”
“I would not dream”—he emphasised—“of having my… soldiers part with me or each other. Once ice sorcerer, always ice sorcerer.” He said that last statement in his language.
Ares nodded. “Same with every element.” He then changed his tone asking, “What now you about the Light dragon’s status?”
“I was first elemental he approached, since he knew of our alliance. I stood my ground. He refused to leave me be, wanting me to join his cause. If not, he would kill me. I told him to regard balance of elements. I gave him the same answer. I would never abandon my country or betray dear friend. That was when he was done trying to convince me. We had fierce fight. I broke single claw of his and tore his eye out with my fangs. Those that accompanied him, stood no chance against my warriors. Whilst he was weak, we fled. I advised that majority of clan disbands, to reduce chances of war. Like me, my sorcerers and my warriors have been missing, deliberately. Whereas I appreciate city of St. Petersburg, it is island that I prefer. It is more… solitary.”
“I assume the non-magic humans that know you, keep their mouths shut?”
“With what you influence me. I had all clan members vow with their blood to me, that they would never reveal my whereabouts. As for common civilians, they all know who I am, and since I am only dragon in Russia, they let me mind my business. I have sworn to Alexander Nikaevich and all his predecessors I knew, to protect this country from imminent threat.”
“How well know you of the Light dragon’s reign on the western world?”
“You ask wrong dragon, Demon. I only know news concerning Russia. However, I am aware that he has a kingdom among four borders, which are of parts of that country.”
“I apologise, Viktor.”
“No need, Comrade Ares.” He changed his tone before saying, “I suggest we meet on Severny Island tomorrow. We can go over more of our… strategy there. Too many witnesses here.”
“Best I depart, then. One dragon is enough for Palace Square. I already know where to spend the night.”
“What about your friends the foreigners?”
“They will find me. They could be eavesdropping on us right now. I know I would.” The black dragon turned away as he finished, “Be seeing you, Viktor.” He flapped his wings and leapt over the structure that surrounded the field.

The black dragon went back to the chapel that he saw. Once again, he surrounded himself with dark energy to make sure that he would remain undetected as he slept atop the building. He had been known to be in an enemy’s territory right under their noses. He hoped that only the ice dragon’s followers and friends knew of his presence in the country. With him out of the picture, the Light dragon was very likely to have said nasty things about him and make those people fear Ares. No matter who it was, dragons would always be feared by humans. It had been like that for centuries. Ares was no exception. He always relied on his knowledge of stealth to take missions. There was never a knowing when someone he trusted, be it human or dragon, would double-cross him. He hoped to avoid such when introducing the blood oath among his clan.
Even though Ares much loved taking trips at night, he needed the rest for what awaited him. He just hoped that it would be an easy night. He realised a new fear, and it made him hesitant on sleep. However, even he would be affected by lack of sleep.

Almost abruptly, the camouflage that Ares generated, dissipated as he quickly rose his head after opening his eyes. He was still atop the same chapel. So, his dream was not as bad. Though he remembered very little of what he saw before awakening rapidly again, what he did remember was what haunted him the most. He begged in his mind for the image to leave him, before he saw that the sun had just risen. He knew that by how much light was over the city. This time, the clouds in the sky, had white flakes slowly coming down. He saw a few land on his paw, and quickly melt. Winter was approaching. If winter was approaching, that meant that his birthday was not far away. However, there was no time to think about that now. He got on his feet quickly and stretched his legs and wings before leaping off the church’s roof, and taking a very short glide to slow his fall and to avoid breaking any of the stone ground. He sensed that his two acquaintances were close to the church, and found them almost instantly. Even in one of the world’s coldest places, the dark sorcerers stood out.
“Morning, Kamadai, Kuro”, he said in a friendly tone. “You need not tell me why you came. I already know.”
Kamadai commented, “I confess, I did listen to part of the conversation you had with your counterpart.”
“Then you know just where you will accompany me. Perhaps you could familiarise yourselves with Viktor’s soldiers and sorcerers if they happen to still be there.” He lowered himself, but refrained from breaking his eye contact with the dark sorcerers. “Get on.” As before, the elder sorcerer got on first and the younger one got on behind his master. The younger wizard then generated an energy tendril from one hand, which then encircled the dragon’s neck and extended until Kuro could reach it and hold the flexible beam in both hands. Ares then spoke, “Ready?”
The two cloaked men affirmed and the black dragon swiftly flapped his leathery wings and leapt up. He believed that he needed to have little chance of being seen as he flew, which was why he climbed the air currents, further and further approaching the clouds that made the white flakes make their way to the earth, only to quickly become water. He didn’t need to go very high. Only the city started to look small. With the snow, it was hard even for the dragon to stay airborne, but he wanted to keep going. He would just flap his wings to maintain his altitude. His memory was imperfect, but he had an idea of where he going, and how he would know when he was to reach the island that his destination was.
It felt like in only a matter of minutes he found the island that he still recognised from the aerial view. That was when he spoke without looking back, “Hold on.” He slowly lowered his altitude and neared the snow-covered land that was not far from the rest of Russia. When landing, Ares realised that his footing needed work when landing on ice and snow. There was a short bounce for his passengers when the dragon’s claws dug into the snow. Ares looked around, so he could actually get confirmation. “We are here”, he stated. With that assured, the flexible beam that Kuro held onto and around the dragon’s neck, dissipated. He hopped off and then quickly helped his master down.
Kamadai said, sounding raspy, “This place is colder than anywhere I have ever been.”
Ares spoke, “I adjusted to this climate over the years. I would come here or to the cities, just to socialise with Viktor.” He looked around again before saying, “Follow me.” He started walking, and Kuro hesitated from awkwardness with the surprise of the dragon’s changing demeanour, and started running to catch up. Knowing that one of the sorcerers would ask, the black dragon explained, “Viktor and I very familiar with each other’s auras. He trusted that I would still be able to track his energy signature, and he was right.” It was true. He really could feel something within him whenever his friend was near or around him, and learned to make it that he would feel that indeterminable touch when he wanted to find his friends. It worked with his sorcerers as well. It was very effective for times he would have wanted to free allies that were captured or help those wounded. His enemies judged that he only wanted to kill, but he was also willing to aide a friend in need. He knew for certain that Viktor would do the same for him.

By the time Ares found figures in woolly white robes, he saw that he was getting close. It was only a matter of seconds before he found the pale-blue dragon. Before halting, Ares said kindly in Russian, “Morning, Comrade.” His old friend said the same, as an answer. Kamadai could just sense his former student rolling his eyes, annoyed by the dragons speaking a language that he didn’t know how to speak. The black dragon got down to the ground and folded his paws. His friend did the same. The way of holding a meeting, was still the same to Ares. The white-robed figures sat in a semi-circle around the pale-blue dragon. As for the two black-robed sorcerers, they reluctantly each took a seat to the dragon’s sides.
Viktor began, “I suspected that you were seeking audience. That is why I brought few ice sorcerers I connect to, here today.”
“As I believe that it expired long ago”, Ares spoke, “I want to renew the truce between the Dark Kingsmen and Ledyanoy Drakon Olrot.”
Viktor hissed a chuckle before commenting, “Though you learned much of language my family and I speak, you are still imperfect with vocabulary.”
“I do not understand perfectly with your accent. Surely you think the same with me.”
“You have me there.” Viktor then changed his tone as he continued, “About task you charged me with. I am fully-prepared and we have what you need. In case you forgot, I am adjusted to cold meat.”
Believing that Kamadai was going to use his telepathy, Ares told him, “I believe that reading my thoughts, or Viktor’s, is very rude to do during a conversation.”
Kuro remarked, “What gives you the right to scold my Sensei?”
“I have as much authority as he does”, Ares objected.
Viktor weighed in, “And as much as I. He may have no clan, but you will need take his orders as you are the one who follows.”
To get back on-subject, Ares looked to his friend and said, “I want to know that you will be true to the blood oath that we made to one another all those decades ago.”
“Rivals our countries may be, but with what happens today, I am more than willing to acknowledge that I need you as much as you need me. You are good friend. However, I think you need to make promises.”
“I just know that I will owe you favours when you are done with what I ask of you.”
“How soon you want to carry out first phase?”
Ares looked to his human acquaintances, one at a time, and then forward, to Viktor. He answered, “We shall start immediately.” Viktor looked at him with obvious surprise. He was convinced that Ares still had energy to recover after what the Light Dragon did to Ares. It was possible that Ares was eager.
War of Chaos Chapter III
Here it is, finally. When planning this out, I made a judgment call on countries that would be right for elemental dragons. Because I find Russia to be a cold country, I decided that it would be the right place for the Ice Dragon. I also want to accurate with characteristics as much as I want to avoid anachronisms and geographical errors. Because I have much to follow this, I was sort of stumped on where to make the transitions.
Word count: 6212


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Why must it come to this? What gives men the right to control women? Why are women still treated like garbage? What did they ever do to be taken advantage of? The authority from high positions, always fuels the ego. Canada needs all the help it can get.
Just thinking about, has been making me feel like crying. I need a hug.
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